Keeping up with Beauty Secrets this Week: October 17th – 24th, 2016

We are always on the lookout for natural methods that can be used as a quick fix to make your skin, hair or overall health better. Every week, we dig for information to find out how you can make your beauty regimen easier, affordable, safer and more effective. Some of the beauty tricks discussed below have been tried by our in-house team. Others have been recommended by beauty bloggers with some serious following. Please read ahead to understand how these small and easy fixes work to make you look and feel better. Remember that the emphasis is on natural, often herbal, methods that promise safety and come without the threat associated with beauty kits or treatments that contain damaging chemicals.

Our top recommendations for this week include:

1. Hemp Oil


If you have been reading beauty blogs, you must have come across the mention of organic oils or essential oils. These are concentrated organic compounds, fully vegetarian in nature. These botanical extracts are very potent. Their effectivity is at par with some of the over-the-counter, non-prescription medicines. Therefore, it is surprising that despite such purity and effectivity, not many of us know about the wonderful properties of Cannabis Sativa oil or Hemp Oil. Usually sold as black seed oil across India, Hemp Oil has impressive anti-inflammatory properties.

For whom is it most useful?

If your skin has been suffering from stress, pollution, chemical treatments, sunburns, peeling, itching, or surface damage due to excessive use of abrasive cleaners, you can benefit immensely from Hemp Oil. Usually sold in India as oil of Sun Dil oil or heart-shaped black seeds, Hemp Oil is a great pick if your skin is acne-prone. If you regularly venture outdoors, under the hot sun, do try Hemp Oil for keeping away damage induced by UV rays.

Incredibly Effective Natural Essential Oil

Hemp seed oil has incredibly high concentration of EFAs or Essential Fatty Acids. For those with flaky hair, Hemp Oil might be a big help as it stimulates keratin formation which improves the structural strength of hair. Hemp Seed Oil has a very high lipid concentration. This means your hair gets an instant dose of elasticity, making the hair stronger and lustrous. We recommend using Hemp Oil for those with perennially dry hair or scalp, particularly those suffering from dandruff problems.

2. Sunflower Oil


There is an abundance of skin hydrating beauty products available in the market. However, many of them contain potentially harmful synthetic compounds that can lead to serious damage. A few drops of Sunflower Oil used regularly as a part of massaging the skin works wonderfully well to intrinsically moisturize the skin. This comprehensive hydration means a boost to the skin for regenerating new cells. Your facial skin glows with natural goodness.

For whom is it most useful?

We recommend Sunflower Oil to those who suffer from chronically dry skin and problems like eczema. Please remember that you don’t need to use this oil in its pure form. Mixing a few drops within herbal cold cream and gently rubbing on the skin is the best way. Sunflower Oil is particularly useful if you suffer from scaly lesions that are associated with serious dermatological problems. Sunflower oil is used across many cosmetic product lines in Europe where it is used in lotions and scrubs to ensure that those undertaking heavy sunbathing, don’t end up damaging their skin. Other impressive features include antioxidants like Vitamin E.

Incredibly Effective Natural Oil for your Skin

Sunflower Oil works by boosting the lipid contents of the skin. This makes the skin taut, gleaming with natural goodness. Sunflower Oil application is a great way to lock-in the natural moisturization of the skin.

We intend to share more beauty secrets with you. To make this conversation more participative, please comment below and share this link on your Facebook account…


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